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Rocketry Links

High-Power Rocketry Certification

NAR's section on High-Power Certification.

TRA's section on High-Power Certification


Bay Area Rocketry

Mike has always supported our group by setting up his shop at a number of our launches, and arranging to meet us as he's passing through town to save us from having to pay HAZMAT fees when shipping, so we highly recommend buying from Mike at Bay Area Rocketry:


Rocketry Organizations

National Association of Rocketry (NAR) -

Tripoli Rocketry Association -

Rocketry Organization of Northern Nevada (ROCKONN - NAR 735) -

AeroPac -

Arizona High Power Rocketry Association -

Rocketry Forum Online -

Rocket Manufacturers and Components

Apogee Components -

Public Missiles Ltd -

LOC Precision -

Madcow Rocketry -

Missile Works -

Giant Leap Rocketry -

Aerotech -

Wildman Rocketry -

Hobbylinc -

Coast Rocketry -

Sacramento Area Rocketry Group -


Amelia shared an interesting link with us about Space Elevators, Space Travel, and Astronomy:

Amelia's Link to Space Elevators - Space Elevators

Thank you Amelia!!!